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Dakar Rally


2010 Dakar Rally17.01.2010

The Rally Dakar represents the arguably most gruelling motor-racing test for man and material. 

Review 2010 Dakar01.01.2010

One of the biggest challenges of our time was contested over 9,000 kilometres across Argentina and Chile: the 2010 Dakar Rally that was started on 1st January, 2010, in Buenos Aires. 

X Raid BMW wins opener02.01.2010

2010 Dakar Rally, 1st stage 

Two VW vehicles take the lead03.01.2010

2010 Dakar Rally, 2nd stage 

The day of Sand King Peterhansel04.01.2010

2010 Dakar Rally, 3rd stage 

It’s Hummer time05.01.2010

2010 Dakar Rally, 4th stage 

Three Touaregs in the lead06.01.2010

2010 Dakar Rally, 5th stage 

Accident overshadows the Dakar07.01.2010

2010 Dakar Rally, 6th stage 

Al-Attiyah goes for it08.01.2010

2010 Dakar Rally, 7th stage 

Peterhansel again blinding fast10.01.2010

2010 Dakar Rally, 8th stage 

Al-Attiyah chases Sainz11.01.2010

2010 Dakar Rally, 9th stage 

Sainz strikes back12.01.2010

2010 Dakar Rally, 10th stage 

Chicherit’s first triumph13.01.2010

2010 Dakar Rally, 11th stage 

Tough VW battle14.01.2010

2010 Dakar Rally, 12th stage 

Sainz under pressure15.01.2010

2010 Dakar Rally, 13th stage 

Sainz wins 2010 Dakar rally16.01.2010

2010 Dakar Rally, 14th stage 


Testing for the challenge31.08.2009

Volkswagen are busy preparing for defending their Dakar Rally title. 

Dakar 2010 with Volkswagen02.04.2009

Volkswagen is going to also contest the 2010 edition of the legendary Dakar Rally. 

Volkswagen celebrates one-two in the Dakar18.01.2009

Volkswagen made motor-racing history by winning the 2009 Dakar held in Argentina and Chile, with its Race Touareg. 

Dakar Rally 200903.01.2009

The South American debut edition of the legendary Dakar Rally is ready to be started. 

Dakar Rally 2009 - Leg 103.01.2009

Saturday, 03rd January: Buenos Aires > Santa Rosa 

Dakar Rally 2009 - Leg 204.01.2009

Sunday, 4th January: Santa Rosa > Puerto Madryn 

Dakar Rally 2009 - Leg 305.01.2009

Monday, 5th January: Puerto Madryn > Jacobacci 

Behind the curtains with Gernot Bauer05.01.2009

Gernot Bauer accompanies the 2009 Dakar held in Argentina and Chile as reporter and for, he regularly has a look behind the curtains: ... 

Dakar Rally 2009 - Leg 406.01.2009

Tuesday, 6th January: Jacobacci > Neuquen 

Dakar Rally 2009 - Leg 507.01.2009

Wednesday, 7th January: Neuquen > San Rafael 

Dakar Rally 2009 - Leg 608.01.2009

Thursday, 8th January: San Rafael > Mendoza 

Dakar Rally 2009 - Leg 709.01.2009

Friday, 9th January Mendoza (ARG) > Valparaiso (CHL) 

More than just a day off10.01.2009

Saturday, 10th January Gernot Bauer accompanies the 2009 Dakar held in Argentina and Chile as reporter and for, he regularly has a look behind the curtains: 

Dakar Rally 2009 - Leg 811.01.2009

Sunday, 11th January: Valparaiso > La Serena 

Dakar Rally 2009 - Leg 912.01.2009

Monday, 12th January: La Serena > Copiapo 

Dakar Rally 2009 - Leg 1013.01.2009

Tuesday, 13th January: Copiapo > Copiapo 

Dakar Rally 2009 - Leg 1114.01.2009

Wednesday, 14th January: Copiapo > Fiambala 

Dakar Rally 2009 - Leg 1215.01.2009

Thursday, 15th January: Fiambala > La Rioja 

Dakar Rally 2009 - Leg 1316.01.2009

Friday, 16th January: La Rioja > Cordoba 

Dakar Rally 2009 - Leg 1417.01.2009

Saturday, 17th January Cordoba > Buenos Aires 

2008Central Europe Rally

Volkwagen prepares for Dakar Rally20.10.2008

Just a few months to go to the start of the most prestigious off-road racing event’s coming edition: from early January, the Dakar Rally will take its entrants across Argentina and Chile. 

Central Europe Rally - Introduction19.04.2008

Following the cancellation of the 2008 Dakar for safety reasons, the organisers, A.S.O., had to cope with the challenge represented by organising a replacement event in just a few weeks. 

Central Europe Rally - Leg 120.04.2008

Budapest - Baia Mare 

Central Europe Rally - Leg 221.04.2008

Baia Mare - Baia Mare 

Central Europe Rally - Leg 322.04.2008

Baia Mare - Debrecen 

Central Europe Rally - Leg 423.04.2008

Debrecen - Veszprem 

Central Europe Rally - Leg 524.04.2008

Veszprem - Veszprem 

Central Europe Rally - Leg 625.04.2008

Veszprem - Veszprem 

Central Europe Rally - Leg 726.04.2008

Veszprem - Balatonfured 


Sainz secures his maiden win as VW driver11.06.2007

"Superior Volkswagen performance in the Rally Transiberico, representing the kick-off of the FIA Marathon World Cup," writes the competent internet portal ''. 

Spiess-Power shines in rallying12.01.2007

Volkswagen made a fantastic start into the 2007 Dakar Rally. 


Win in the Morocco Rally08.06.2006

Engines designed by Spiess-Tuning are not only extremely successful when it comes to circuit racing. 

Novelty: diesel success in the Dakar Rally 18.01.2006

Following the third place in the overall standings secured in last year's Dakar, Volkswagen improved to the runner-up position, in this year's edition of the prestigious desert event... 


VW relies on diesel power made by Spiess17.12.2005

The biggest compliment was launched in one of the November issues of the motor racing magazine 'Motorsport aktuell': "Furthermore, the common rail 2.5-litre TDI engine... 

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