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Quality management

In motor racing, the smallest mistakes can be crucial and so, Spiess places special emphasis to the quality. No component is installed without having been subjected to strict controls, no matter if manufactured in-house or externally. The Spiess quality control works according to the motto: ‘Control everything and keep the best.’

At Spiess, we think in thousandths of millimetres

At Spiess, the work is executed on a precision level that high that it can’t be detected by the human eye. The fully air-conditioned measuring room provides numerous measuring and examination possibilities. Thanks to the high flexibility of the 3D-coordinate measuring machine, components and component parts of the most different kinds and sizes can be measured.

This machine works extremely precisely, with potential measurement inaccuracies being limited to just a few micro metres. In addition to the conventional CNC programming based on technical drawings, you can also work with data saved in CAD – that can be used for the programming. By dint of data sets, CNC programming and TARGET-PERFORMANCE comparisons can be realised in both two and three dimensions. On the other hand, it also allows for a surface reconstruction into the CAD.

Exclusive sale of engines

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Construction Design of completely new engines or the enhancement of existing power units –inventive spirit, courage, extensive team work and our huge wealth of represent the basis for innovative results.
Manufacturing Precision components or the refinement of existing components, single copy or small-batch series, solid material or cast material – a diversified service range thanks to an ambitious mix of know-how and new developments.
Quality management Out there on the racetrack, the smallest mistake can be crucial. Therefore, special emphasis is placed to a gapless and absolutely precise quality control. No part will be installed without having been subjected to an extremely strict examination.
Engine manufacturing The engines are individual custom products and are assembled in the heart of the company by a highly qualified team. Here, quality instead of quantity represents the yardstick.
Test bench Here, the process represented by development and design, production and manufacturing comes full circle. On the test rigs, the components or the entire project have to definitively demonstrate if they meet the highest standards.