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Engine Assembly

In the engine-assembly department, the most different parts are assembled – by a highly qualified team that is assembling the engines. And the engine assembly also represents the areal centre of the company. The areal closeness is vital as it allows for extremely quick reactions. After all, all the engines bearing the name Spiess are individual custom products.

Manual work and the finest mechanics

In the engine assembly, it’s all about manual work and the finest mechanics. At Spiess, nothing is produced on production lines. Here, quality instead of quantity represents the yardstick.

Every single move can be retraced and be related to the mechanic it was made by. The components for an engine are assembled as precisely as possible and as individually as necessary. More often than not, just one specially trained mechanic attends to an engine.

Individual responsibility areas guarantee time efficient and reliable co-ordination and the most accurate mechanics. Every single person involved can hark back on many years of experience in the motor-racing industry and identifies with every single product supplied by Spiess Motorenbau. At the same time, the most scrupulous cleanliness, most thorough organisation and the shortest ways also stand for the efficient Spiess engine assembly work. This approach also ensures the adherence to schedules that is of extraordinary importance, in the motor-racing industry. Affection for the product and passion pave the way to winning.

Exclusive sale of engines

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Construction Design of completely new engines or the enhancement of existing power units –inventive spirit, courage, extensive team work and our huge wealth of represent the basis for innovative results.
Manufacturing Precision components or the refinement of existing components, single copy or small-batch series, solid material or cast material – a diversified service range thanks to an ambitious mix of know-how and new developments.
Quality management Out there on the racetrack, the smallest mistake can be crucial. Therefore, special emphasis is placed to a gapless and absolutely precise quality control. No part will be installed without having been subjected to an extremely strict examination.
Engine manufacturing The engines are individual custom products and are assembled in the heart of the company by a highly qualified team. Here, quality instead of quantity represents the yardstick.
Test bench Here, the process represented by development and design, production and manufacturing comes full circle. On the test rigs, the components or the entire project have to definitively demonstrate if they meet the highest standards.