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ATS Formula 3 Cup


Successful season finale for Weiron Tan05.10.2014

For Weiron Tan, the 2014 ATS Formula 3 Cup season finale will remain an unforgettable event. 


It had been predictable for weeks that Markus Pommer would secure the ATS Formula 3 Cup title. 

Fog in the Lausitz region: two instead of three15.09.2014

While the fog in the Lausitz region wasn’t able to make an end to the dominance of Markus Pommer, it could make a temporary end to the race action and as a result, the ATS Formula 3 Cup... 

Pommer also wins in the Eifel01.09.2014

In the ATS Formula 3 Cup, Markus Pommer keeps on making perfect use of his experience. 

Pommer on the way to securing the title09.06.2014

On the Whitsun weekend, the ATS Formula 3 Cup raced in Austria – the only race meeting abroad on its 2014 calendar. 

Experienced driver holds the lead26.05.2014

This weekend in Germany, experience prevailed – while a rookie caused a stir in the UK. 

Small field, well-known winners 28.04.2014

With a rather depleted field, the ATS Formula 3 Cup kicked off its 2014 season. 


Early decision in the battle for the title15.09.2013

The battle for the ATS Formula 3 Cup title is over! On the way to his 10th race win in the 2013 season, Team Lotus driver Marvin Kirchhöfer (Dallara Volkswagen) outclassed the entire field. 

The Champion will be a Lotus driver - in all likelihood 05.08.2013

With six of nine race weekends contested, representing two thirds of the season, everybody in the ATS Formula 3 Cup scene is convinced that the title will be won by a Team Lotus driver. 

The black and golden power09.06.2013

The ATS Formula 3 Cup currently is dominated by the Oschersleben based Motopark Akademie squad. 

Impressive first third20.05.2013

The first third of the ATS Formula 3 Cup season is over and three of the nine ATS Formula 3 Cup race weekends haven been held. 


Powerful and successful01.10.2012

The prediction of the Volkswagen Motorsport Director proved to be right: “We are going to witness even more thrilling Formula 3 races than we did to date,” said Jost Capito in June. 

Three winners, three rookies - and they all are Spiess customers26.08.2012

The race weekend in the Niederlausitz region turned out to be the event of the rookies. On the last weekend in August at the Lausitzring, the Formula 3 newcomers won everything... 

Gerhard Berger attends Formula 3 event12.08.2012

This weekend, Gerhard Berger used the opportunity to attend the Austrian ATS Formula 3 Cup weekend. 

Inspiring technology17.07.2012

A good old acquaintance attended the ATS Formula 3 Cup event at Spa-Francorchamps and proved to be impressed by the technology of the VW Power Engine and the new push-to-pass system in particular. 

Daniel Abt to make his comeback10.07.2012

This weekend at Spa-Francorchamps, a well-known and demonstrably fast young man is going to make his ATS Formula 3 cup comeback... 

Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria03.07.2012

On the coming three ATS Formula 3 Cup race weekends, Germany’s fastest single-seater series won’t by the ADAC Masters Weekends. 

Remarkable debut10.06.2012

On the second weekend in June, Team EuroInternational caused a stir by making an outstanding ATS Formula 3 Cup debut. 

Get-well-soon greetings from Ditzingen04.06.2012

In the World Series by Renault weekend held the first weekend in June at Spa-Francorchamps, the 2011 ATS Formula 3 Cup Champion, New Zealand’s Richie Stanaway, was involved in a bad crash. 

Volkswagen Power Engine successfully passes first acid test06.05.2012

The squad of the Spiess Motorenbau GmbH technicians and engineers was extremely busy, this weekend, as the new exclusive Volkswagen control engine made its race debut, in the ATS Formula 3 Cup. 

10 times power at the push of a button25.04.2012

With immediate effect, an extra dose of power is available in the ATS Formula 3 Cup at the push of a button. This year, Germany’s fastest sing-seater series will rely on an exclusive control engine designed by Spiess Motorenbau GmbH. 

Extensive tests at Assen29.03.2012

12 of the cars that will be on 2012 ATS Formula 3 Cup grid also jointly tested at Assen’s TT circuit, this week – and 11 of them were equipped with the new Volkswagen Power Engine. 

Experts in great demand14.03.2012

At the racetracks all over the world, the Spiess Motorenbau GmbH know-how has been in great demand for many years, now. 

More than expected26.01.2012

The ATS Formula 3 Cup is getting more and more interesting, with the exclusive Volkswagen engine prepared by Spiess being one of the key factors making for the series’ increased attractiveness. 

More races, more excitement12.01.2012

The special engines called Volkswagen Power Engines that are prepared by Spiess Motorenbau GmbH aren’t the only innovation for the 2012 ATS Formula 3 Cup season. 


More than 8,000 kilometres in Macau09.11.2011

In 2012, the ATS Formula 3 Cup will solely be contested by single-seaters equipped with Volkswagen Formula 3 engines prepared by Spiess Motorenbau GmbH. 

Superior win03.10.2011

In the 2011 ATS Formula 3 Cup season finale, two winners took their positions on the podium: the new champion, Richie Stanaway (Dallara Volkswagen) – and the man who made a major contribution to this success: Holger Spiess. 

Predominance galore18.09.2011

Winning a championship in an even more predominant style is virtually impossible! On his way to winning the 2011 ATS Formula 3 Cup title, Richie Stanaway outclassed the entire field. 

To win the title you must bepowered by Volkswagen14.08.2011

Richie Stanaway has made another huge step on the way to winning his most important motor-racing title so far. 

Getting ready for the second half of the season01.08.2011

The ATS Formula 3 Cup teams are busy preparing for the second half of the season. 

Back-to-back wins in Eastern Belgium12.06.2011

Pole position and race win on Saturday, pole position and race win on Sunday - for Volkswagen and Spiess, the race weekend at Zolder, Belgium, proved to be a major success. 

Stanaway scores 23 of 24 points available05.06.2011

Holger Spiess even interrupted his annual vacation to travel to Assen, Netherlands, and attend to the young guns competing in the ATS Formula 3 Cup. 

Perfect Easter weekend25.04.2011

With two race wins in two races, two fastest race laps as well as two pole positions, one certainly may call it a perfect race weekend and a successful start into the new season. 


Triumph in dramatic season finale03.10.2010

What a season finale! The final round of the 2010 ATS Formula 3 Cup season proved to be a true thriller. 

A rookie causes a stir18.07.2010

Holger Spiess returned home to Ditzingen with an extremely happy winner smile on his face. 

Huge crowd in Saxony10.05.2010

At the Sachsenring, 32,000 motor-racing enthusiasts made for a fantastic atmosphere, representing the perfect backdrop for the third and forth rounds of the fastest German single-seater series’ 2010 season. 

Formula 3 drivers honoured02.02.2010

At the 2009 AvD Champions ceremony, the ATS Formula 3 Cup also was represented. 


All good things come in threes20.10.2009

Talking about a full success is more than justified: the ATS Formula 3 Cup Championship was won by a 2-litre Volkswagen engine, the rookie cup winner relied on Volkswagen power... 

Champion with Volkswagen and Spiess23.08.2009

Laurens Vanthoor is the new ATS Formula 3 Cup Champion. 

Just the maximum09.08.2009

Laurens Vanthoor keeps on accelerating on the way to the biggest success of his career to date: the ATS Formula 3 Cup title. 

Vanthoor celebrates his first back-to-back wins21.06.2009

The first congratulators were Volkswagen Motorsport Director Kris Nissen and Holger Spiess, Managing Director of Spiess Motorenbau GmbH. 

Spiess delegation attends Formula 3 weekend24.05.2009

At the Nürburgring, a highly interested group of 20 Spiess Motorenbau GmbH employees and family members looked over the shoulders of their fellow engineers. 

Outstanding season kick-off for Volkswagen13.04.2009

Even at the Easter weekend, S. Spiess Motorenbau GmbH was in action: both the German and the British Formula 3 series kicked off their 2009 seasons and consequently... 

Multifaceted Formula 3 field02.04.2009

Despite the generally difficult economic situation, the 2009 ATS Formula 3 Cup grid is an impressive one, with 25 drivers having been entered for the season kick-off held on the Easter weekend at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben. 

Formula 3 part of the FIA GT Championship support programme23.01.2009

Once again, the ATS Formula 3 Cup attracts public attention with an interesting innovation: this year, the fastest German single-seater series is going to hold two of its rounds in the support programme of the FIA GT Championship weekend held at Oschersleben. 

Longer races, free practice session19.01.2009

The sporting regulations of the ATS Formula 3 Cup will be altered in favour of teams and drivers, from 2009: on the one hand, the race distance will be extended and on the other, a free practice session will make the teams’ work easier. 


Win in the season finale12.10.2008

He even could have won all the two season-finale rounds but in the end, Laurens Vanthoor had to settle for celebrating one race win and impressing massively. 

First win for Vanthoor and Volkswagen21.09.2008

For quite a while it was obvious that ATS Formula 3 Cup driver is a truly gifted driver who may look forward to a great future in motor racing. 

Another podium for Vanthoor07.09.2008

Laurens Vanthoor represents a regular sight on the ATS Formula 3 Cup podium. 

Extra points and race win15.06.2008

Pole-Position, fastest race lap, race win - for Spiess Tuning, the ATS Formula 3 Cup weekend at the Hockenheimring proved to be a sweeping success. 

Impressive exotic fraction10.06.2008

The 2008 ATS Formula 3 Cup grid features numerous drivers from exotic countries. 

Positive retrospect02.06.2008

Dutch young gun Carlo van Dam dominated the 2007 ATS Formula 3 Cup season and secured the title early. 

On the way up26.05.2008

The runner-up of the 2007 season is back! Frédéric Vervisch has secured his first win in the 2008 ATS Formula 3 Cup season. 

Two thirds of the grid rely on Spiess08.04.2008

Once again, Spiess Motorenbau GmbH will be represented by a big fraction, on the 2008 ATS Formula 3 Cup grid. 

ATS Formula 3 Cup22.02.2008

The ATS Formula 3 Cup is on the way to entering its sixth season. 


All about three02.10.2007

In the German Formula 3 scene, Spiess Motorenbau GmbH succeeded in winning everything there was to won. 

The power unit to succeed09.07.2007

The new engine called 'OPC Challenge' does not only power the common ATS Formula 3 Cup winners, it even helps exotics and local heroes celebrate major triumphs - as witnessed at the Nürburgring, in the support programme of the Truck Grand Prix. 

OPC-Challenge on top11.06.2007

As soon as Christian Vietoris has opted for continuing the season with the OPC-Challenge engine equipped Dallara, he's back on the road to success. 

Across-the-board success16.05.2007

Following the perfect debut into the 2007 season, it seems appropriate to talk about an across-the-board success, with two Formula 3 ATS Cup race weekends being contested. 

Win for the new OPC-Challenge02.05.2007

The debut of the latest ATS Formula 3 Cup engine generation couldn't have been more successful. 

Challenge Engine made by Spiess02.03.2007

Since the foundation of the German Formula 3 Championship, Spiess Tuning has been closely linked to the series' success story. 


Ho-Pin Tung: Champion with Opel-Spiess power18.09.2006

Following Harald Schlegelmilch's early title triumph in the RECARO Formula 3 Trophy, the RECARO Formula 3 Cup title now also has been secured. 

Schlegelmilch secures Trophy title15.08.2006

No doubt: Harald Schlegelmilch is the man of the moment, in the German Formula 3 scene. 

Remarkable success for Schlegelmilch18.07.2006

While delighted French GP winner Michael Schumacher conducted the first bars of the national anthem on the Magny-Cours podium, Harald Schlegelmilch did the same with the Latvian anthem, at Assen. 

Formula 3 parade at the Nordschleife19.06.2006

More than 200,000 spectators witnessed the RECARO Formula 3 Cup's biggest appearance so far. 

Success across-the-board16.05.2006

The first six rounds of the 2006 RECARO Formula 3 Cup season are over but there are seven more events and 14 more races respectively to be contested. 


Down-the-line success11.10.2005

For three years now, the RECARO Formula 3 Cup has been held as successor series of the German Formula 3 Championship that had been a major success for many years, since 1975. 

Championship secured in oval premiere30.08.2005

Peter Elkmann, Jo Zeller Racing and Opel-Spiess made it! In the 15th round of the 18-round 2005 RECARO Formula 3 Cup season, held at the last weekend in August at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz, they succeeded in celebrating the season's major success. 

Opel and Spiess on the way to once again securing the title09.08.2005

32,000 motor racing enthusiasts at Assen! The Rizla Racing Days turned out to be a major success. 

Devaney slowly closes in02.08.2005

Peter Elkmann's lead is massive, however, not yet comforting. 

A perfect result13.07.2005

Never before has this feat been accomplished in the RECARO Formula 3 Cup! Never before in the series' history, had a driver succeeded in scoring the full points available during the course of a race weekend: 24. 

Opel Spiess keeps on dominating04.07.2005

Eight races, eight wins secured by Opel and Spies - a perfect record. 

Elkmann wins in Sachsen20.06.2005

Thanks to a close to perfect performance, Peter Elkmann (Dallara F 304 Opel-Spiess) leaped to a clear lead on the RECARO Formula 3 Cup leader board. 

Top Speed 240 km/h at the Oval04.05.2005

Once more the Recaro Formula 3 Cup called for attention. 

Two Opel-Spiess victories at the start of the season25.04.2005

Spiess Motorenbau GmbH starts successful into the new season in the RECARO-Formula 3 Cup, winning both races. 

Starting signal for the title defense18.04.2005

The RECARO formula-3-Cup starts into the new season this coming weekend The first two of 18 races will take place on the 23. 

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